30 DAY Challenge :: day 11

Day 11: Favorite tv shows

oooh there have been so many good tv shows and series ... I am sure I will miss some out that really should be in this list. We don't actually have a tv at the moment, so can only watch the odd program online after it has been aired. Ones I try and keep up with are CSI (New York is my favourite) ... I have recently started watching Waking The Dead again ... and Holby (also a bit of Casualty!) and lets not forget the classic Green Wing!
Although not that interested in cars I love Top Gear. Graham Norton has always been a favourite and I have LOVED Miranda's show ... she is BRILLIANT!!
A bit of si-fi is also good ... was bought up on Star Trek (all of them from Kirk to Janeway) and Red Dwarf still makes me laugh :)

I love a good thriller and 24 and Damages are ones that really stand out. Recently I managed to see The Killing .... brilliant .... oh yeah, Spooks is also great!
I love crime and detective stories so have to include Miss Marple in my list. This leads me on to period dramas ... love them too and Lark Rise To Candleford was a lovely hours escape a week ... ooooh and Road To Avonlea is another lovely program to have on when ever you want to snuggle down and watch something beautiful x
I can not write this list without including my one guilty pleasure ... As Time Goes By with Judy Dench and Geoffory Palmer ... every household should have a Lionel Hardcastle sitting in the corner!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx