30 DAY Challenge :: day 16

Day 16: Dream house
I could fill up a whole blog on my dream house so this may be a long post! (please click on the pictures to see them enlarged)

My dream house would be in a wood or near trees ... cute and quirky with odd rooms, gables and maybe a veranda.
I've always wanted an apple green and pale pink kitchen, but as long as it is light an airy I will be happy ... odd china and a nice big dining table for the family to sit round.
I love baths, so a nice bathroom is important ... somewhere I can go for a bit of a pamper ... candles and soft towels.
A big craft room is essential as well as a fireplace that lends its self to being decorated at Christmas! A welcoming hall way and clusters of pictures on the wall.
A beautiful bedroom with a lovely light window and lots of storage.
An old meandering garden with paths and tiny hide away areas ... a lovely potting room that smells like a green house and lots of walls for ivy to grow.

But long as Dilly dog and the important people in my life are there, it will be home.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx