30 DAY Challenge :: day 22

Day 22: What’s in your purse?

I am assuming by purse this means handbag (this blog challenge started in America I think)
In my hand bag I have:
  • a hairbrush like the one in the picture (from Octopus)... not quite manly enough for my hair, but pretty and small so fits in my bag ... its ok in an emergency.
  • Sunglasses ... stupidly I carry these all year round, not sure why ... (from Accessorize)
  • A little diary ... don't really keep it as a diary as I use my laptop and phone mostly, but its useful if I need to make a note of something while out.
  • A compact mirror ... I used to have a butterfly one like this (from Accessorize) but I now have a smaller one with a fairy on.
  • I am allergic to most plasters, so I carry a few around with me that I am not allergic to for emergencies!
  • Hair bands .... always need these!
  • Spare knickers in case I stay somewhere over night! (well you never know!!)
  • Tampons!
  • My iPhone.
  • A pretty purse (from Anna Sui) ... mine is the same design as this but not as big. I love it x
  • Doggy bags
  • Lip stick & Eyeliner
I think that is everything! My handbag looks similar to this one too .... but it is made by roxy and is corduroy .... it was a bargain from eBay a few years ago ... new from New York ... the girl selling it had never used it :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx