30 DAY Challenge :: day 23

Day 23: Favorite Songs

Oooh, this is hard ... I have so many favourite songs ... more than favourite movies I think ... I have quite a wide taste in music from soundtracks, rock, classical, country, folk, pop, French jazz, ballet and indie.

Here are a few ... in no particular order.
The Calling ~ Where Ever You Will Go

Across The Stars ~ Star Wars

Katie Melua ~ Just Like Heaven

Queen ~ Who Wants To Live Forever?

Guns 'n' Roses ~ Don't Cry

oooh this is so hard, there are so many!

The Flower of Carnage ~ Kill Bill

Point of No Return ~ Phantom Of The Opera

.... there are sooooo many more ... it is hard just to pick a few and I am sure I am missing out some of my top favourite, but I will stop now or it will be a very long post!! (there are a few more HERE that I have previously blogged)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx