30 DAY Challenge :: day 4

Day 4: Your parents

This is an easy one ... my parents are the best.
This is them on their wedding day ...
Yep, mum has her eyes closed (nothing changes!) and my dad grew a beard not long after this. Mum made her wedding dress .... not sure about the net curtain on her head though ;)

I am the only girl of 5 children, and I think they did a great job! I have probably caused them the most stress and worry (hey, what can I say ... I am a girl) but they have always been there and I love them to bits x

I remember when we were little, mum has always been a great believer that kids are like dogs and should have a walk every day, so when it rained, she would get the cushions off the sofa and put on some loud music and we would jump around doing exercises and try to make it round the room without touching the floor. She also loved having 'opera' days (not that she is a huge fan of the opera) where we would have to sing everything to each other .... they never lasted long as we always forgot, but it was a fun idea. We had a craft box where she would save cardboard and bits of plastic and things and we were always making things from it ... fablon (or sticky-back-plastic for all you Blue Peter fans) played a big part of most creations, especially spaceships for the boys.

Dad could fix anything and make most things ... I have many happy memories of us all snuggled up on the sofa watching Carry On films (don't think we got half the jokes then!) The A-Team and The Two Ronnies with him. He retired a year ago and has been doing up a bungalow ... built and extension, so he can have his 'man room' and added solar panels all over the roof!

They have a great sense of humor and I am so thankful for them x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx