dress for the weekend

Long before the date got set for the Royal Wedding, my brother and his girlfriend set the date for the end of May (can't wait) well this weekend is the hen-do .... my lovely sister-in-law and I are heading up there for it on Saturday.

Part of this weekend of fun includes cocktails and a sleep over :D
This of course meant new pyjamas and a little black dress .... I was so pleased when I won one on eBay for only £1.70 ... only worn once before ... and its really pretty ... yesterday's shopping trip resulted in shoes and a belt I got in January finishes off the dress perfectly!
This is me trying the outfit on this morning .... I think I will wear my hair lose on Saturday and I really need to find a necklace to wear!
I have been tottering around in my new shoes today so I don't break my ankle on Saturday as I am usually a flip-flop kinda girl, but they are actually really comfy and I am very pleased with them ........................ sorry, no photos of me in my pyjamas!!!

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?


  1. Oh Maria you do look lovely in that dress! :-) it is very pretty! Have fun!

    What will I do over the weekend without you hehe?

    We have got a day out tomorrow for Mum's Birthday (no royal wedding here!) and out for a meal on Saturday (with perhaps some shopping in the afternoon!) And on Sunday if the weather is like this I'm sure a dog walk will be in order!

    Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  2. Thank you Teri, I am so pleased I won it :)
    Well I will have my phone with me!
    Have a great weekend xx
    Maria x


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