looms everywhere

Last Wednesday my loom arrived (yey!!) ... it was a bargain off eBay and I knew it would need a little work and clean ...
It needs some wood across the top of the reed (where the blue tape is) and the shafts need to be re-aligned, but I am so pleased with it :)
I also had my last weaving course on Thursday :( I can't believe how fast those 5 weeks have gone. We finished off our samples (playing really) on the looms there. Mine was done on a loom like the one I have just bought which was great 'cos I now know how to use it (mostly!)
The different patterns are achieved by having different shafts up and down ... oh I am going to have so much fun when mine is all done :D

I also want to have more of a go a tapestry weaving and at the weekend managed to win a tapestry weaving frame for only 99p! (bargain) and only £2.25 p&p .... it arrived today ... its just a basic frame, but quite big so I figured couldn't make one for that price.
... so I now have 3 looms!! feels a bit like a weaving factory here, hehe.

In my resolution to write more letters, I have made some personalised paper that matches my website (and blog!)

I know its hard to see from the photo, but it has layers of pretty paper stapled to the corner with my contact detail on (a graphic)
No excuse to not write letters now ........ except the cost of stamps! hehe


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx