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Its not Spring, it's Summer!!! Its been so hot ... too hot for my boots ... and too hot for long sleeves .... I hope it lasts :)

I am so glad I took my camera on the way to town as I got some lovely shots (well I like them! hehe) If you click on the pictures you can see them better.
These are some beautiful tulips in the front garden .... the colour inside is so bright!
 ... and I couldn't resist taking more of the cute lambs!
This beautiful magnolia is now at its best. I love the delicate colour it is and how they all face upwards like flames
These last 3 pictures are just things that I love every time I walk into town. The tree is now full of leaves and blossom .... it has been lovely to watch over the last month as it has gone from a bare tree, to having a small green tinge to the end of the branches, to having tiny leaves in a very pale green, to being thick with leaves and now full of blossom too. The garden is full of purply-pink flowers and heathers .... mouthwatering! I have always loved country garden style gardens and flowers that cascade over walls and steps, so this bouquet of purple always catches my eye!

 on a crafty note .... yey! my look has arrived! .......
 The thing about getting a weaving loom is it is just another excuse to buy more wool ... especially when our lovely local wool shop has topped up the bargain bin with some lovely balls for only £1.00 each ...
I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine :)


  1. LouBee Crafts said ...

    Have fun with your loom. I've got one too. Happy weaving!
    Sarah x

    6th April 2011

  2. TamaraJayne said ...

    Loving the wool, superb colours :)

    11th April 2011


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