20 ways to stay creative

Its sometimes hard to stay feeling inspired and in the mood to create, whether it is crafts, music, writing or decorating we all go through dry spells ... Here are a few things that can sometimes help!

  1. Get away from the computer
  2. Have a cuppa with a friend
  3. Go somewhere you have never been before
  4. Carry a notebook/sketch pad with you
  5. Paint your nails a colour you have never used before
  6. Have an early night
  7. Tidy your work area
  8. Wear red shoes
  9. Sing in the shower
  10. Go for a walk
  11. Make a list
  12. Have another cuppa tea (you can never have too much)
  13. Watch a comedy
  14. Take a nap
  15. Have a funny chat with someone on twitter
  16. Put some music on and dance around the room
  17. Have a glass of water
  18. Take a photo of something you have never noticed before
  19. Visit an old country house & see how it used to be done
  20. Have a holiday
I hope you find some of these helpful! basically, have regular rests and change of scene, drink enough and let it flow again!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx