its all about me!

Yep today is my day! Now I don't normally like birthdays (they are a bit of a reminder of how life is passing me by) but this year its going to be different ... this year is already different ... this year I am free!

Now although the 4th of May is my day, it has also been shared by some other people and other events in the past, including my Great Grandfather's birthday, he was exactly 100 years older than me!
  • 1859 ~ The Cornwall Railway opens across the Royal Albert Bridge linking the counties of Devon and Cornwall in England.
  • 1929 ~ Audrey Hepburn, Anglo-Dutch actress was born.
  • 1959 ~ The 1st Grammy Awards are held.
  • 1979 ~ Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  • 1984 ~ Diana Dors, British actress died.
It is also a very special day for the Galactic Empire (hello Star Wars fans!)
May The 4th Be With You!
I had some lovely gifts, Miranda series 1 DVD ... I am a huge Miranda fan, if you haven't see it, you really must. A lovely Norah Jones CD and some smellies from The Body Shop.

I have been waiting for today for months ... been saving my pennies, doing lots of research and trying out of cameras in camera shops. Last Wednesday I transferred my savings and went to get my new camera .... sadly the one I wanted wasn't in stock in the red :( but I ordered it. Usually only taking a couple of days to arrive, the bank holidays meant it would be a week. The shop was very helpful though and I got a £25 4GB memory card thrown in for free!

Well today, my patience paid off and the most exciting part of the day was picking up my new best friend ... a Panasonic Lumix G2 ... did I mention she is red?? hehe

so guess what I have been doing all afternoon .... yep, waiting for the battery to charge and reading the instruction manual! I have a lot of learning, but I am so happy!
The first picture I took when I got my iPhone a couple of years ago was of Dilly-dog, so the first with my new baby had to be of her too!

These are a few others I have taken this afternoon .... a beautiful hand painted birthday card ...
... a miniature orange plant in the sunroom ...
... my birthday treat ... chocolate fondu :D .... yumm! ...
... and of course more of Dilly-dog ... she is the best x

On a sad note, my Auntie had a stroke last night and died today ... she was my dad's youngest sister and very special ... I know there were lots of hugs love as she arrived in heaven.

Well I had better go to bed ... I am getting older now and need earlier nights! haha


  1. Rowan is also apt cos you lived for a while in Rowan Close! Happy birthday you x

  2. oh you are right .... thank you for not laughing at me .......... well in public anyway xx
    Maria x


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