its all change

Guess what I have done?? .... yep, changed my wedding outfit for this weekend ... I wasn't planning to (its funny sometimes where the day takes you!) ... but I was in town this morning and saw that my dream-dress (you remember, that Noa Noa one) was in the sale ... reduced ... I had to get it ... I had to! ......... and it looked more than FAB on! The only problem was that all my accessories were geared towards a vintage style floral outfit.
So a trip to Hereford was needed on an emergency accessory run!

Accessorize really came through for me ... a pretty grey flower for my hair £10, a beaded bracelet for £8, a gorgeous bag bag for £22 and some little flip flops for £12. The belt I already had from Next, (bought in the January sale). The earrings were £4 for Claire's Accessories and the large flower necklace was from the same little boutique in town that I got the dress from.

I will probably wear the shoes I bought from New Look last month, but I bought the flip flops so I will be able dance in comfort!!

The lovely outfit that I did get to wear this weekend won't be wasted though, as my cousin is getting married in August and it will be perfect for that! (half the guests will be the same as this wedding so I couldn't wear the same anyway!)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx