my weekend

Well this week didn't end the way I thought it was going to, but that's kinda fun ... my list of things to do got thrown out the window and I was off on an adventure!

My big brother, Robin asked if I could go and lend a hand decorating their new home before they move in on Monday ... this meant taking Dilly-dog by train (something I haven't done since she was tiny) and I wasn't sure how she would be. I needn't have worried ... she was a little angel and a lovely traveling companion.

Sadly this meant that my pink nails wouldn't last, but it was all in a good cause! Here are some photos from my weekend.

This week also included donuts, dilly-dog making friends where ever she went, varnishing floors, making cards, an Indian meal, enrolling on a photography course, lots of tea drinking, making new blog graphics, making some wedding stationary, taking down my birthday cards and cuddling Dilly-dog.

Last week I enrolled in a diploma course at The Photography Institute. I am really excited about actually doing it after planning it for what seems like ages, but is actually only a few months!
This is the first module (of 12) ... I just hope my brain is up to it ... I haven't studied for 17 years (ahhh am I really that old!)

I am sure I will be blogging about it in the future, so please wish me luck!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx