pretty nails

I have been inspired by Sophie at Trinket Box with the pretty nail art that she has been doing over the last few months ... now I usually just have clear gloss on my nails if I have any varnish and in the summer, gold on my toes. But you know what, life is too short and we should all have pretty nails!

Due to a wedding coming up at the end of the month and a funeral in the family next week (where we are all going to wear something pink, as that was her favourite colour) I treated myself to some pink nail varnish when I went into Hereford last week and had great fun living with spotty nails ... and I managed to not pick it off too so it lasted for days! I did some spring cleaning though on Saturday so they got pretty wrecked, so I thought I would be a bit more adventurous and do flowers ... (I did try and show them on my Sunday-Snap, but they didn't really show up)

I know they are pretty basic, but I like them!

I was pleased to find in town this morning some nail varnishes for only 99p each! Now I know they are probably not the best, but for practicing with they should be ok ... I also stocked up on some nail varnish remover! hehe

There are some amazing designs out there and one day, who knows ... I could be walking round with some artwork on my nails!

Here are just a few ...


  1. Your nails look great, really cute, and thanks for the mention :D I love the rose nails at the bottom. I tried doing roses on my nail wheel the other day - they turned out ok, but think I need more practise before I paint them on my own nails! xx


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