fruit, flowers and module 1

I love the park near where I live ... it is so full of different trees and flowers ... at the moment there are lots of little baby fruits growing ...








rowan berries


There are some lovely Summer flowers coming out now too ...

Well today I have been putting my brain into gear and reading through module 1 of my photography course ... can't say I understand all of it yet, but I am sure it will all make sense soon ... it is all about cameras and lenses ... whats best for different types of photography etc. This started me looking at lenses for my camera ... I need to start saving again!

The first on my wish list is a filter ... shouldn't take me too long to save (£20.99)
and I think after that it will be a wide angle lens ... a bit of saving required! (£365.99)
I am so excited about doing this course though and am looking forward to the day when my brain understands all I am reading! There are a couple of bits I would just like to share with you (that I did understand!)

'A final word regarding lens care - don't drop them. They really hate it'

'Camera Care: Wipe them periodically with a slightly damp cloth and dry. Try to be gentle with them and never use one as a weapon unless your life is at risk'


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx