magpie monday :: SUSIE COOPER

I spent a lot of time mooching around the town last week, the first shop I went into is called 'Utter Clutter' great name for a really sweet shop that is full to bursting of exciting goodies. I saw a lovely set of Susie Cooper plates, but as I had just walked into town, I hadn't been to the bank and had no cash on me, so I decided to call in on the way back. Sadly though by the time I had finished having a look in pretty much every shop in town, when I walked passed on the way home, it had closed :(

I had to go back into town the next day (Tuesday) and so managed to pop in and get them :)

A lovely set of 4 plates ... one large oval, and 3 smaller round ones

all for £12

they are not all in the best condition, but good enough to use!

When I got home I looked up Susie Cooper on eBay and an large oval plate like the one I got was going for £59.99 and a dinner plate like 2 of mine for £24.99 each! I am so pleased as I got all 4 for only £12.

I wouldn't have been bothered if they were not worth anything, because I think they are really pretty and will be very useful!

Happy thrifting!
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  1. I adore Susie Cooper's designs. I have some similar in a pale turquiose colourway.

    Great bargain, and good to know if times get hard you can ebay them LOL.

    'Utter Clutter' sounds like exactly my kinda shop. Thanks for linking up x

  2. What a bargain! They are really pretty

  3. Wow, super fab bargains plates there - pretty, too!

  4. thank you everyone for your lovely comments ... I so love them ... just want to eat ham sandwiches and cup cakes on them!
    Maria x

  5. oooh wow! what a bargain and so pretty! :-)xxx

  6. what great bargains and so beautiful too :)


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