quicky outfit

I am having a lovely time staying with my Auntie this weekend, and my cousin has asked me to go to a wedding reception tomorrow night ... now I travel fairly light and so didn't really bring anything I could wear to a wedding reception ... so a shopping trip was required ... (or should I say excuse to shop was found!)

I tried on one dress, that although was pretty didn't look right ... I noticed when leaving that shop that I had put my maxi dress that I was wearing back on the wrong way round (never happened before!) ... now rather than doing a discreet half-twist-twizzle and turn the dress round in public (not that easy to do!) I went into the nearest shop, Peacocks and picked something up to try on ... no intention of buying ... just to turn my dress round ... it was a pretty thing I picked up ... a long dress ... and while I was in the changing room I figured, well why not try it on ... and guess what ... it was perfect ... and in the sale so even better!
... it also matches the fit-flops that I live in, so no new shoes were requires (slightly sad about that as love shoes!! hehe) I popped into Monsoon and bought a pretty necklace and earrings that will look FAB with it and then into New Look, where I bought another flower for my hair (love flowers in my hair) and some new red sunglasses! What a great morning!!
I have a little black cardigan with me that will go well with it if it is a chilly evening :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx