why I love living in HEREFORDSHIRE

I have only lived in Herefordshire since September, but I already love it and feel so at home here. It is so peaceful and that's what I have needed this last year.
Here are a few reasons why I love living here:
  1. There are only 5 towns in Herefordshire, 1 city but lots of pretty little villages
  2. It is the least populated county in England and the population of the whole of Herefordshire is less than that of the city of Bradford (where my brother lives!) This means that the phone book for Herefordshire is only 8mm thick (yep, less than 1cm!)
  3. If I wanted to I could do a tractor driving course at college!
  4. The countryside is full of fruit trees ... free fruit waiting to be picked ... there are also trees everywhere which I love!
  5. There is mistletoe growing in half the trees ... I know this isn't good for the trees but it is romantic and I have never seen so much just growing everywhere.
  6. The countryside is just beautiful ... very English, but with lovely Welsh hills in the distance.
I am also loving all the wild flowers ...


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx