magpie monday :: LACE

Look what my mum got me a few weeks ago ... for 25p!!! from a summer fete ... pretty plate ... love it ... thank you mum x

and I have been on eBay again ... this time pretty doilies ...

These were only £1.20 for 6 .... they have handmade lace around them and perfect for a little project that I have in mind ... watch this space!

And these beautiful round ones were only £1.04 for 4 ... from the same seller

They are really beautiful and I am still deciding if I can bear to cut them up and do what I was planning on doing with them or just keep them as they are!

But I am very please with them :D

.... and then I spied these in the charity shop ...

6 tea plates ... 30p each! 'Fragrance' by Royal Stafford

My tea set is coming on nicely ... need some dinner plates and more bowls now really!

Happy thrifting!
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  1. Well you know I love doilies! Those are very pretty ones and a real bargain.

    Love your tea plates too - they look like little scarlet pimpernel flowers on them?

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. Oh wow, i love your finds. i've been looking for lace doilies to make bowls from (a la Liz's blog tutorial). I'm also a big fan of floral crockery so am very jealous!

  3. Great finds and looks like your mum has an eye for a bargain too!! x

  4. Cute finds! I love your Royal Stafford Tea plates, I would love them in my kitchen. Great finds for 30p each! Bx

  5. Now I'm really intrigued what you were going to do with the doilies! I must look in more of the boxes in our charity shops, I normally just make a beeline for the kids rails, but I'm sure I've missed some beauties.

  6. oooh the plate is devine ! I found a lot of hankies and doilies yesterday. Not sure about cutting them up eek! But knowing how wonderful your pieces are I am sure you would make them into something really special xx

  7. what lovely finds and such bargains too! really love all the plates especially the first one :)

  8. thank you for your lovely comments xx

  9. we can always rely on you for very pretty finds. Good Luck with the craft project


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