bunting card tutorial

This sweet card is so easy to make and perfect for birthdays or party invitations. It also is great for using up those little scraps of pretty paper that any card maker ends up with.
1. You Need
Pretty paper, card blanks, glue and coloured pens.
2. Bunting
Cut a template out for the bunting from a piece of card
I cut one that is 1.5cm across the narrow edge and 2cm along the longer edges.
I then drew around it on the back of the pretty papers. 
and cut them out, until I had a nice assortment. 
3. The Card
I drew in pencil a few sweeping lines across the greetings card where the bunting will drape.
Using the pencil lines as guides I stuck the bunting triangles onto the card
The lower lines need to have the the triangles on first so the top ones can hang over the top. 
The bunting on the edging will overlap the edge of the card ...
... when all the bunting is stuck on you can trim the edge bits off.
4. Finishing Touches
Using a coloured pen, I drew along where the pencil line was, giving the bunting a nice neat edge .... but didn't draw where the lower strings of bunting goes under a flag from the higher bunting.
If you want to add any wording, you can print some out, or write the wording out along the strings of bunting ... I printed some out and mounted it on some of the paper I used for the bunting. 
I hope you will have a go and would LOVE to see any you make :)


  1. Teri said ...

    what a great Idea! I hate throwing little bits away! any other ideas for using them up would be very welcome :-)

    4th August 2011


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