jigsaw and lace

Well I finished my jigsaw last night ... you know the one I got from the carboot a week ago ... is it sad to admit that I really enjoyed doing it?

.... but ......... guess what ........ yep! there was one piece missing!

Typical! haha ... but it was still fun to do

Craftblog UK have a photo contest on Flickr ... take a picture of your craft and add it to the August 2011 - Craft Photography Competition thread ... this is my entry

Not sure it is my 'best' photo of my craft to date, but it is some pretty lace that I made ;)

I hope you will pop by and enter and vote on mine ;) ... mine is #7
Good luck to all who enter x

Also don't forget to enter my August Craft Challenge ... to make a rainbow.


  1. oh I love doing jigsaws! I just haven't had the room for a long time! I like doing skies that are tricky! what a shame one piece was missing though :-( that would so annoy me!

  2. One piece missing, how infuriating, my OCD is in overdrive! :)


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