jumping ships

I love my new job ... it is in a fab shop in town, just the right amount of hours for me and the best thing is it sells pretty clothes ... lots of pretty clothes ... from all sorts of designers at GREAT PRICES :D ... the other 2 ladies that work there are lovely too!

The people that own it have bought out their own label JUMPING SHIPS, locally made (yep, made in England!) and I treated myself today to a couple of dresses by them for when I am at work (Its best to wear the clothes you sell!)
I also bought a pair of white ballet pump shoes to wear with them from The Factory Shop for £5 (oooh I love a bargain!)

They are 100% cotton so lovely for the summer and I am so looking forward to going to work on Friday so I can wear one ...

The hard part will be deciding which one to wear first!


  1. aww they are so pretty :-) I'm sure you're going to feel fab in them and look fab too :-) xxx

  2. Lovely dresses! and well done on your new job - sounds fab.


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