key cluster tutorial

just a little thing ...

I found these lovely old keys in an old box the other week and I LOVE THEM. I had to 'wire-wool' them a little as they were quite rusty.
 So I thought I would make a couple of things ... first a pretty charm-cluster ...

1. You Need
Some beads/buttons, lace and a bit of thong ... oh and some old keys.
The lace I used is some I had made a while ago ... it had a corner in it (like a hankie corner for those of you that make lace) as I was originally going to use it to make a necklace, but never got round to it.
2. Attaching
I attached it to the key with a cow-slip-knot.
3. Charm
I added jump rings to the buttons and then attached them together. I threaded them on to a head-pin and made a loop at each end. One end I attached to a little charm and the other I attached to the corner of the lace.
4. Thong
I used the leather thong to give it extra strength so looped it through the key and twisted the lace around it to disguise it a little.
5. Finished
It would look lovely attached to an old door handle or on a dresser, but as I don't have one I tied it round a candle-stick 
I am really pleased with how it looks and love the colours of the buttons.

I would LOVE to see any charms you make :)
Please check back in a few weeks to see what I make with the other keys.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx