magpie monday :: one that doesnt really count :: and monday moodboard

This weeks finds I bought today as was working all last week and then away at the weekend ... and they are all NEW ... does that still count?

The book shop in town is closing down ... they are retiring (thank God, not going out of business because of bad takings!) but its still sad they are going ... this is their last week and books that are not already marked at £1 are £2 each or 3 for £5 .... so I had a quick look in my lunch break and picked up these 3 for £5 (they were £18.99, £17.99 and £6.99) so I am very happy with my bargains!

  Then I popped into The Factory Shop after work and picked up these sweet shoes for £5!

Please pop over to Molly and the Princess & MissieLizzie's blog to see more great bargains and links to other MagpieMonday's.

my moodboard this week is SOFT AND FLUFFY!


  1. Great bargains and what sweet shoes! (I don't think they meet Liz's criteria for Magpie Monday - think it's second-hand only, but they are very nice indeed). Thanks for linking up x

  2. Thanks,
    Aww, I did wonder ... ahh well
    Maria x

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with clearance sales, as you say the bargains are great, but it's sad to see a business closing, whatever the reason.

    Hope to see some fabulous crafts with your new book inspirations. And congratulations on your win, by the way!

  4. Nothing like some super cheap books to lift the spirits, it's a shame the shop is closing down though. I'm always on the look out for cheap craft books, they're so comforting to look at, even if I don't always make anything from them!


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