magpie monday and moodboard

I am still so happy that I won MissLizzie's giveaway on her blog ... I have been really enjoying looking at my prize this week.

I only have one find to share with you this week ... one that reminds me of one of my favourite films ... CHOCOLAT
You know the dish that she spins in her shop and asks 'what do you see?'
... well I found this lovely plate that just reminds me of it ... it was from a charity shop in town and only cost £1

Watch it if you come round for a cuppa ... I may be asking you to look in my dish as I spin it and asking you what you see!

Yep, Mr Depp ... you are very welcome too ;) hehe
Happy thrifting!
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Teri and I have been doing our photo project for 1 year this week ... so this weeks moodboard is CAMERAS


  1. ohhh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that film. Reminds me to watch again and oh yes, be still my beating heart for Mr Depp!

    Beautiful plate and great idea, I want to come over for hot chocolat ! xx

  2. Great film...not seen it for a long time...will look out for the plate! Yes please can I have tea and a Chocolate biscuit please x
    Well done on you win!

  3. Count me in for the tea party too! It's lovely - and a bargain :) I"m wondering what I would see in it ... hmmm? Thanks for linking up!

  4. I like this very much indeed.
    Not seen the film. Perhaps I should.

  5. A lovely find - amazing it was only a £1


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