pompom garland tutorial

I have made this pretty pom pom garland for my little nephews bedroom.
1. You Need
You need is some card, a cereal box is the best ... scissors, wool, needle and a compass.
2. Making the Rings
You need 2 donut cardboard rings. Mine measure 2 inches in diameter (outer ring) and 2cm in diameter (inner ring measurement)
You will probably need 1 pair of card rings per pom pom so make enough at the beginning as it will save time later. I have made 10 pom poms (so 20 rings) 
3. Wrapping the Pom Poms
Cut a length of wool, a manageable length (about 2 meters)
put the 2 card donuts together and start wrapping the wool around and around the ring 
When that length runs out cut some more and keep going
Don't worry about the ends of the wool sticking out, just keep wrapping over them.
keep going as far as you can
and then do the last little bit with a needle.
4. The Cut
Cut around the rim of the donut. You should have enough threads going around it so that they don't come out when you cut it
but its still best to hold it carefully at the same time.
cut all the way around
5. The Tie
Get a piece of thread and wrap it between the 2 cardboard rings. I wrapped around twice before pulling tight and tying off securely.
The card needs to be removed and although you may be able to get the card off with out it all coming apart, I prefer to just rip the card ring to get them off.
6. Pom Pom
Your pom pom is now made, you will probably need to trim it a little and cut off the long tie threads.
If you want to keep it as a hanging ball in some way then keep one of the long tie threads.
They look great all together ... tie the threads at the top and hang them from your curtain pole.
Or place them on a dish and have them as a fun centre piece.
7. Garland
If you want to make them into a garland though, take a piece of wool approx. 3m long. They need to be spaced equally along the garland so starting at one end, tie a knot in the wool
Using the needle thread the wool in the centre of the pom pom
Thread it along the wool till you get to the knot
Tie another knot on the other side, where the wool comes out. This should hold the pom pom in place along the wool
Continue along the wool, with all the pom poms, equally spacing them out.
When they are all on, tie a loop in both ends
and you have a garland
ready to hang anywhere.
I hope you will have a go and would LOVE to see any you make :)
happy pompom making!


  1. MissLizzie said ...

    How timely! I've been stocking up on wool from charity shops to make a pom pom scarf!

    Love the garland idea though - it looks beautiful.

    25th August 2011


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