saturday spaces :: DREAM WORKSPACE

Welcome to my new feature ~ SATURDAY SPACES ~ here I want to share with you some great craft spaces and storage ideas ... I thought to start with I would show you my dream 'craft-corner' .... not really a corner ... more of a caravan!! haha ;)

How lovely would this be at the end of your garden?
I am ready to move in right now 
Dilly-dog would love it too
Or to do-up a vintage caravan with pretty floral curtains
bunting everywhere and spotty storage boxes
The problem is, would I spend all my time enjoying sitting in there that I wouldn't get any crafts done ;)

Whats your dream craft space?

Images via PINTEREST


  1. Teri said ...

    oh I love this idea :-) what fun to have everything in one place and kitted out exactly how you like it :-) and a place where you can sit and dream too :-) The only thing that would prob annoy me is taking things to and fro when I want to sit and do something in front of the tv! Or maybe I just do crochet and lace at those times :-)lovely feature am looking forward to your other ideas xxx

    6th August 2011


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