Bygone Beach Days

I have been having fun over the last few days ... so how do I have fun you ask? ... well I am a bit of a geek ... a bit sad ... I LOVE making graphics and websites ... and I have a few ... far too many for one girl, but we won't go into that now ;) hehe

So I have been working on a new site for by Great Grandfathers paintings.

I have been selling them since 2003, but last year I changed the name from At The Beach Collection to Bygone Beach Days .....

.... and then did nothing with it all year.

I have had a bit of a break this last year selling my bits and bobs (a well needed break), but am now back on the case ... and have made a shiny new site ... and I am loving the shine!

have a great weekend everyone :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx