a chat with DANA from CRAFTYMINX

I stumbled upon Dana's lovely lovely crafty-fun blog last year and knew it was something special ... she recently got married in a lovely handmade-craft-filled-colourful-wedding ... please visit her blog and be inspired by all she gets up to :)

8 words that most describe you?
quirky, resourceful, kind, crafty, supportive, crazy, idealist, loving

What do you make?
That's a tough question. I make anything I can dream up. I crochet, knit, paint, embroider, and so on.

What new craft would you like to try?
I've wanted to do pottery and ceramics for years and just have never tried.

If you were a Mr Men / Little Miss character who would you be?
Little Miss Sunshine!! She's always been my favorite :)

Do you collect anything?
Too many things! Vintage plastic buttons, vintage samsonite luggage, mugs I find at the thrift store, and Hello Kitty stuff.

Do you have any scars? How did you get it/them?
I have one really big scar that sets under my wedding ring. It's from when I was 11 and I ran a knife through my hand. I have scars on both side of my hand. I also have three tattoos (which I have always thought of as colorful fun scars), two hello kitty bows on the back of my legs and a locket on my wrist (my husband has the key).

Were you named after anyone?
I was named after one of my mom's friends in highschool. I've never met the person, but it's nice to know I was named after someone and not just picked out of a book.

Do you have any nick-names?
craftyminx of course, haha and often my friends that know of my online identity will call me minx, but in most cases my nickname is d. I sign all of my e-mails with d. Always lower-case because I prefer lower-case letters, which is why craftyminx is always spelled lower-case and one word.
I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Dana, please visit her gorgeous blog, follow her on twitter @craftyminx and become a fan on facebook.


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