home sweet home tutorial

Remember those old keys from the other week? ... well I have made a sweet HOME SWEET HOME picture
1. You Need
Some 3 old keys (wire wool them so there is no rust on them), a box frame, paints, pretty paper, sticky pads and glue spots and HOME SWEET HOME printed on some white card.
I looked everywhere in town for a box frame that was the right size, hoping I could find one in a charity shop, but the only small one I could find was this ...
It takes a 4' x 6' picture which is about the size you will need.
2. Painting
I painted the keys in 3 different colours (Humbrol Enamel Paints) but if you wanted you could keep then their origonal colour, keep the frame black and make your HOME SWEET HOME in black too, maybe some old typewriting font ... that would look great.
It took a few coats of paint and I painted the frame too.
I attached the mount back back on with a some double sided tape, but it depends on what your box frame is like as to if you will have to do this.
3. The backing
I glued the pretty paper onto the backing card of the frame
dead centre
and then put double sided tape around the edge ready for later to attach to the frame.
I cut out the HOME SWEET HOME into 3 pieces, but if you wanted you could use letters from magazines and cut each letter out individually.
5. Placing
I then laid out the wording and keys onto the backing so I could space them and know where they were going.
6. Sticking
I stuck 3 little stick pads onto the back of each word
and stuck them on the backing ...
... in the right place.
I used glue spots for the keys ... stretched the glue spots out along the back of the key ... if you are using big keys, you may need more than one glue spot per key
and then stuck them between the HOME SWEET HOME wording (I realised after I had taken this picture, that they looked better with the keys pointing down, so turned them around)
7. Framing
I then removed the tape from the double sided tape around the edge and attached to the back of the mount.
and put it in its frame ...
I am really pleased with it ... its so pretty and I have it up in my hallway :)

I would LOVE to see any pictures you make :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx