marias makeover

A little up-date on how I am getting on with my diet ..... *ahem*coughs-into-hand* ..... well I didn't re-join Slimming World this week (bad time of the month & as I always swell up and put on a few pounds I thought it was best to leave it this week) ... I have been pretty good though ... and got lots of exercise ... I do have one slip-up to confess though ... Saturday evening on the way home from work I called into the spar to get a few bits and got tempted at the till by the NEW Mars triple choc bar

I did confess to my diet priest today what I had done, and rather than give me 10 hail Mary's or even 10 sit ups, she just started drooling and asked what it was like. So to save any of you of you the temptation I thought I would just let you know what they are like so you don't have to eat one yourself. Well they are just divine ... a mouthful of pure chocolate heaven ... they feel softer to bite into than a normal Mars but are a total melt in the mouth ...... there you go, I have saved you all having to try one and ruin any diets you are on! ;)

I have a very busy time ahead, working 6 days a week for the next 3 weeks and I know I will be tired and will want to munch ... but I want it to be not so horrific when I do eventually go back to Slimming World so I am going to really really try to be good.

On a different note, my fringe continues to grow ... in my eyes! its at that very annoying stage ... ahh well, it will be worth it in the end.

Well I really should get to bed and catch up on my beauty sleep.

P.S. do you like my new banner? :)


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