simple earrings tutorial

Ever fancied making some earrings? here is how to make a simple pair.

1. You Need
You need a pair of earhooks, pair of head pins, some beads, round nose pliers, fine nose pliers and cutters.
The long pins are called head pins and the curved wires called are earhooks. Most earrings have a larger focal bead, and for this pair I have chosen red glass flowers and some little silver ones to go on top. 
2. Making The Drop
Thread your beads on the head pin in the way you like ...
When you have them how you like, you need to make a loop at the top. First bend the head pin 90 degrees to the drop.
Use the round nose pliers ...
Hold the drop in the pliers as close to the bend/beads as possible
Wrap the end of the head pin in a smooth tight circle around the end of the pliers
... until you have a complete circle.
Now there are 2 ways to do the loop at the top ... this way is ok if your head pin is stiffer ... I probably wouldn't do this if using sterling silver as that is a softer metal and it would easily come undone. But if you are using silver plated, it would probably be ok.
Using the cutter, cut the sticking out bit of wire on the inside of the loop
You may need to adjust it slightly with the fine nose pliers to make a perfect loop at the top ... and voila ... you have a little charm.
2b. Another Loop
The more secure way to make the loop is once you have wrapped the headpin around the round nose pliers, keep it held by the pliers and wrap the wire around again, tightly around the top of the little bead. You may need to adjust it in the pliers to be able to get the right angle to do this. 
make sure you wrap it around a full 180 degrees
This makes the loop totally secure.
You can see here how it is wrapped around.
Using the cutters cut the bit of the head pin that sticks out on the outside of the loop.
Use the narrow nose pliers to bend in the end of the bit you have cut off 
and you now have your drop :)
3. Adding The Hook
Take the earhook and the narrow nose pliers.
open out the little loop at the bottom of the earhook ...
... and attach your drop.

Using the narrow nose pliers, gently close the loop by squeezing it.
and there you have an earring
make another in the same way and you have a pair :D
I hope you have a go and would love to see any you make ... and remember, a girl can never have too many earrings ;) hehe


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx