tips and wrinkles

Welcome to another 'Tips and Wrinkles' ... here I will pass on some useless and hopefully useful tips ...This is one for ladies .... and maybe well-endowed men!!

I suffer from chronic glandular fever, this means that among other things my glands are up most of the time, and some are constantly up (swollen) ... my arms, arm-pits, boobs and neck are my worst effected. It is something you just learn to live with and I am not writing this post to complain as compared to other illnesses, it is nothing really ... but ... having achy boobs is not nice. I have recently discovered a tip that helps and thought I would share it with you in case you have the same or similar problem.

I have always worn well supported bras (being a 36d means you can't have anything too flimsy) and always had under-wired, but I still get really painful achy boobs ... I have been to the doctor as obviously anything that could be cancer should be checked ... but it is just my glands ... they get worse when I am ovulating or around when my period is due ... and although livable with, walking around cupping or rubbing your boob when it hurts in not something we want to be seen doing! hehe
About 4 months ago I bought a padded bra as it was the the perfect match colour wise for a dress that I bought. I have never had a padded bra before, as not needed anything to make me bigger ;) but it was such a perfect match that I bought it ... well I wore it and had no achy-painful boobs ... I now only wear padded bras and virtually pain free during the day ... The extra padded support is obviously enough to help my 'beautifully enlarged glands!' (thats a quote from a Carry On film)

So I hope that if you have the same problem you will try a padded bra :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx