letter picture tutorial

I made this cute little set of pictures for my niece. They are very easy to make and something you could do with kids too :)

1. You Need
You will need little canvases (one enough for each letter) .. some buttons ... some paper flowers ... a plastic lace table mat ... cardboard letters ... some pearls ... glue & scissors.
you could print out pretty letters and cut them out, but I ended up using pre-made cardboard letters.
The little canvases measure 7cm x 7cm
The flowers I bought ended up being a bit to big, so I could only use a few, but as I needed to get it done for my nieces birthday, I didn't have time to get some different ones.
The plastic place mat is like lace, but you could use paper doily's.
2. The Lace
Measure the lace you need to cover each canvas.
Cut it out ...
...then the amount you need for each canvas ...
Glue the canvas all over
stick on the lace squares.
3. Embellishments
Lay out the embellishments and letters on the lace how you would like them
Using the glue, stick on all the embellishment and letters ... glue them well, so they don't fall off when hanging up.
buttons, gems, pearls and any other little embellishments always look good in clusters.
They can be hung in a row, in a blog or propped up on a shelf.
I hope you have a go and would love to see any you make.


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx