A ~ America or Australia = Australia ... I have been to America, but not yet to Oz and would love to
B ~ Ballet or Ballroom = I can do neither, but I prefer to watch ballet
C ~ Cheese or Chocolate = cheese ... I could give up chocolate but not cheese ;)
D ~ Damsel or Dude = damsel looking for dude
E ~ Ewok or Elf = love them both, watch them both, probably am them both
F ~ Fizzy of Flat = depends what mood I am in!
G ~ Go to bed or Go-getter = the bed looks very tempting!
H ~ Hot or Hat = I would rather be cold that hot as you can always layer up but there is only so much you can strip off!
I ~ Ice Cream or Ice Lolly = got to be ice cream :p
J ~ Jog or Jive = prefer dancing
K ~ Karma or Kick-ass = I am probably a bit soft, and let things go more than take things into my own hands.
L ~ Leather or Lace = Lace
M ~ Mog or Mutt = I love doggies
N ~ Normal or Nutty = I would hate to think of myself as normal
O ~ On Cloud Nine or On Your Tod = on my tod, but hoping the cloud soon floats by
P ~ Positive or Pessimistic = I always try and be positive
Q ~ Quid or Quality Time = I value time over money
R ~ Royal or Revolution = I quite like that we have a royal family
S ~ Scrabble or Sudoko = sudoko as scrabble is my idea of hell
T ~ Text or Telephone = I am sad to say I text a lot ... but I think I should phone more as its more personal.
U ~ Under Your Hat or Unveil = ooh this is hard ... I can keep a secret, but I also like a good gossip!
V ~ Veg or Venison = I probably lean more towards a vegetarian than a meat eater
W ~ Watch or Whenever = I used to be a bit whenever, although I wasn't late to things, but now I work more set hours, I actually own a watch!
X ~ X-Box or Xmas = Xmas every time!
Y ~ Yummy or Yucky = umm this is hard ... some food I am fussy about and some not ... probably more am than not.
Z ~ ZigZag or Zebra = I think I prefer a zebra pattern

which would you pick?

P.S. it took me ages to think up all of these options ... came up with loads for 'S' so may do an 'S' post later in the year!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx