My handbag, lovely though it is, is not that big ... not really big enough for when I take lunch to work so I have been thinking of getting another ... a girl can never have too many after all!

I remembered Sophies post on her blog about her Clippy bag and how you could personalise it ... so I popped over to and had a lovely half an hour deciding what to get :)

I only ordered it on Thursday evening and it arrived on Monday morning! I had to wait till I got back from work though before I could have fun decorating it.

I have decided to go for a winter theme. I think I will be changing it often as I have lots of ideas, but I am loving this one at the moment.

I have used a photo that I took last winter in that amazing hoar frost we had, a keep calm picture, some buttons sewn on to some winter card, postcards and snowflakes on some blue silk material.

... and this is the other side ...

It has an old photo of me and 2 of my brothers (my other brothers were not born then) some Christmas paper, some postcards, a cross stitch that I did years ago of a winter house and some Christmas stamps from 1984.

As Clippy are offering free postage on orders over £30 and I am done with all my Christmas shopping (I know, very-sadly-organized!) I had to spend more on myself! haha
So I bought a folder (I am thinking it will come in useful for my photography course) and a pretty folder which I am going to keep my Clippy bits in ... bits and bobs I find or things I make ready for its next reincarnation!

I LOVE it and can't wait to start on the folder :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx