how to draw :: OWL

Ever thought drawing was hard? Well here is a quick easy way to draw an owl ...
draw an oval
make a rounded 'w' shape like the top of an upside-down heart about half way down the oval.
between the 'w' shape add a little 'v' for the beak.
add 2 eyes.
draw 2 little ears on each side of the head near the top.
add 2 wings ...
... and 2 legs.
optional is adding an round bit below the beak to make a different coloured tummy.
I have left the face white, so it is like a barn owl :)
I would love to see any you draw or variations you make.


  1. Teri Coleman said ...

    aww cute! I think I could draw an owl now :-)

    20th Dec 2011


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