the same but not

So I am staying at my brothers & sister-in-laws for a few days ... its a little weird as I used to live here too and now I am back, things are the same but not the same ... my lovely brother, sister-in-law, niece and crazy-pup are the same as ever, but now my stuff is not here too there has been a little change around ... my room is now my brothers music studio ... where there were once pretty things there are now stands full of instruments. My nieces bedroom is all turned around and where my corner was for working is now a light and tidy dining room ... there are also a lot more coasters (a slight obsession of my sis-in-law) Somethings haven't changed though ... the fridge is still full of drawings by my niece, there is still a cupboard FULL of pretty mugs and my niece still climes into bed with me in the morning and plays on my phone! :)

We have had a lovely day today and tomorrow I am sure will be even better ... we are off into Brighton ... not been there since I moved over a year ago ... so looking forward to a good mooch around the shops and lunch out!

Today I ...
  • Watched Source Code ... it was good ... worth a watch!
  • Had chips for lunch :)
  • Went to The Range for the first time ever! I liked!
  • Walked passed another house I used to live in and had a nose at the changes that have been made
  • Bought (and eaten) some pick-a-mix :D
  • Had a good laugh
  • Knitted half a scarf
Hope you all had a great day


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx