advent calendar and a finished rug

please click on the door for some lovely Christmas-ness.

Remember those really big needles I got back in the summer?

... and the rug I was knitting ... well I finished it on Sunday ...

I am soooo pleased with it ... I bought some hessian to back it with so it doesn't slide around and get totally out of shape.

I did over do it a bit though and woke up on Monday morning with a total crook neck and shoulder ... the price you pay for extreme knitting ... it was REALLY heavy by the end ... but worth it.

I have some of the wool left over and have already started another rug ... a bit smaller this time ... French knitting ... all wound into a spiral :) 


  1. Sharon said ...

    I really it! I can't knit at all, so I'm doubly impressed! I like the colour too. :)

    15th Dec 2011

  2. Stacey said ...

    Very pretty :) I bet you never have to buy any presents for anyone.

    15th Dec 2011


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