book bunting tutorial

I have always loved the ladybird books I had as a child and this Christmas one in particular has lovely pictures.

I know some people don't agree with cutting up books, but this one was falling apart and some of the pages were lose, so I decided to give it new life and have it showing for everyone to see
So I have made some Storybook Bunting.
1. You Need
You need a pair of an old book, bias binding, cotton, pinking scissors, pins and a sewing machine.
2. Pictures
Take out the pages from the book of the pictures you want.
Ladybird books are great for this as they are already a great size and there is one side of the page a picture and the other side wording, so you can use all the pictures in the book if you want.
With the pinking scissors cut down the 2 sides and the bottom, but leave the top straight. (if you are thinking my scissors look a bit odd its cos they are left handed scissors)
I cut all the pages in the book, there were 23 pictures, but I weeded it down to 18.
3. Pinning
Bias binding is great for making bunting as it is already half ready for you to use. Iron the binding in half all along the length.
I used 4 meters of bias binding and to make sure the pictures were evenly spread out, I pinned to mark the middle.
Keeping your pictures in order (if you have a story) divide them in half and pin your picture into the fold of the bias binding 5cm from the centre pin.
Keep pinning the pictures along the binding with 10cm between each picture (this measurement is what I used, you can obviously use any space measurement, but you want to them to be evenly spaced so measuring each on is worth it)
Once you have done one side, work back the other way from the centre pin (with 5cm spacing from the centre pin again on just that center space, so that you have the same measurement as all the other spaces)
You should end up with with a slightly longer bit at each end.
4. Sewing
Sew along the bias binding and across the top of each picture.
Keep going till the end ... fasten off the cotton at each end ...
... and you have some pretty storybook bunting.
This is my STORYBOOK BUNTING, telling the nativity story.
I hope you have a go and would love to see any you make ... You could use a fairy story book which would look lovely for a child's room all year round. I have a lovely wild flower ABC book, which I plan to do the same to :)


  1. Sharon said ...

    This is a wonderful idea! :) Really nice tutorial, shame I don't have a sewing machine. x

    9th Dec 2011


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