boxing day

Have you all had a lovely Christmas day and boxing day? I hope so ... mine was quiet ... never had such a quiet one, but as I was pretty ill for most of the day, that was ok! I am still feeling pretty ill today, but having a quiet boxing day ... managed to catch up with Downton Christmas special ... wasn't it lovely! and am now watching one of the films I got yesterday ... Apollo 13 ... one of my favourites, that I have watched many times before but always makes me cry :/

I have missed not seeing any of my brothers, sisters in law or nieces or nephews, but thanks to the internet managed to open presents with them with skype :)

Here are some of my presents :)

Some lovely book, DVD's and a CD

A pretty tea cup and saucer, lovely watch, apple pot, heart decorations, hair flowers and some gorgeous earrings :)

A remote control for my camera and a camera cleaning kit (I feel like Harry Potter getting a broomstick servicing kit! haha)

Lots of lovely chocolate ... and how great is this box of Edward Monkton box of joy!

A lovely warm winter hat and pretty scarf.

And this great picture frame that I am really looking forward to filling with photos of all the people I love :)

I got a couple of crafty books ... one on tatting ... I had a go a while ago, but it was from a book that I got off eBay and kinda expected you to know how to tat already ... this book is far clearer and even has a DVD with it.

... and this lovely cross stitch book ... I love being inspired by antique samplers and this book is full of pictures and patterns that I will enjoy looking at :)

I wanted to show you these fab cards made by my sister-in-law and little nephew ...

Aren't they lovely :)

I am looking forward to having a really restful week and working on some samplers that I am trying to finish and just picking up some other half finished projects and working on them. Did you get any new crafty bits for Christmas ... something you haven't tried before perhaps? I would love to hear how you get on :)


  1. You got spoilt :D Lovely gifts! I love the teacup [obviously!] and the picture frame is amazing. x

  2. You got some lovely presents. The remote control for the camera will come in handy, I use mine a lot! I got myself a rocket blower a few months ago, made SUCH a difference, didn't realise how much dust had gotten inside my camera! Glad you had a nice day, even if you were ill!

  3. Sophie said ...

    I love the cards! I made calendars with the kids at work and did made rudolph with their hands and feet too :)
    Going over to your other blog now to check out what else you got! I got some crafty bits too - mainly baking stuff [including a cupcake maker from my boyfriend which I can't wait to use!] but I also got a candle making kit from my bf, which I've had before, but I'll use all the stuff included :) xx

    26th Dec 2011


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