marias makeover :: week 3

Last week was not a great diet week for me ... I was very tired, so ate a lot for energy ... not bad things ... just ate too much and lots in the evening which I know my body doesn't like when I am trying to lose weight ....... because of this I am not weighing myself this week.

I am back on track this week (so far!) and have been very good today. I have decided to write down what I eat ... I have never been great at counting calories or points (or whatever, depending what diet I am on) ... but this time I am not counting anything, but I am going to write down everything, just so I can see what I am eating and keep an eye on it.

I bought myself a diary from W.H. Smiths today ... (bit disappointing that when I looked online they were reduced, but when I went in the shop, they were still full price)

It is perfect thought ... small enough not to take up much room so I can take it where ever I go ... there are 2 days to one page (means I can't eat too much! haha) and the other page is for notes. I can write down how I am feeling or my weight or measurements ... or whatever I fancy! haha

(humm, my fingers look very green there ... think it must be the light 'cos I am normal colour really!)
I have also been wanting do more exercise ... I walk a lot already, and our cold wooden floor is no place to do keep fit DVD's. I also have a problem with running ... (long story to do with my knees ... the lower part of my legs facing outwards, causing pain ... and running just jars my knees) ....... but I have decided that power walking is the way to go. My gorgeous sister-in-law lost weight a few years ago and lots of power walking was involved.

To help with this I have treated myself to a iPod nano ... they are so tiny that it wont bounce around in my pocket while I exercise like my iPod classic does.

They also have a built in fitness-thing ... personal-trainer-thing ... not fully sure exactly all it does as it hasn't arrived yet ... only won it on eBay last night ...... for a bargain ;)

You can also wear the nano as a watch ... I love it! hehe ;)

Happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not ;) haha


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx