marias makeover :: week 5

I saw a friends status yesterday on facebook ... almost one month into my healthy eating and I have stuck to it apart from two days when I had to go to Yorkshire and I have lost exactly a stone! ... I am so pleased for her, but I do not know what I have done this last month ... I feel like I have just gone up and down a pound each week and a basically ending up after 4 weeks with no difference! ... I have not really had focus ... I don't really feel like I have achieved anything ... so as I enter in to week 5 of this year I am more determined than ever, I am going to be extra good ... extra focused ... extra healthy!
Speaking of healthy ... I need to start taking vitamins & supplements again ...

I was sooo good at this for years ... took them everyday ... but this last 18 months I have stopped ... I am not sure why ... but I have definitely noticed a difference since I have not been taking evening primrose oil ... so my goal for February is to remember to take them everyday.

I am just so spotty at the moment ... maybe I need to do a de-tox

... anyway happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not!


  1. Hi Maria, I lost you for a bit but then your posts turned up in my feed all at once... I was wondering what was going on, you were talking about Christmas and I thought I'd gone insane for a bit!

    Anyway, I wanted to say that you look absolutely gorgeous, I don't notice any spots. :) I am trying a diet at the moment as well... Only a few weeks so far and a big change to what I'm eating but only lost a pound so far. Bit disheartening but I am getting an exercise bike tomorrow (hopefully) which should be a big help. Stick with it, you'll get there. :)

    1. Hi Sharon, not sure what was going on with my blog posts! but glad you can see me again!
      Thank you for your comment about the spots :)
      Hope your diet goes well, its hard work isn't it.
      Maria x


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