marias makeover :: week 6

I have lost a pound .... whooop whooop ... its been a long 5 weeks and I am sick of all the ups and downs ... want to stay on the downs now and continue to lose. I have been very good this week and really tried not to eat in the evening, which I know is what has made the difference.
I have mentioned before that I want to get a tattoo ... and I have decided that every pound I lose I will put £1 aside and save up to have one done once I get to my target. I am pretty sure that I will have something with lace ... being a lacemaker it is special to me and lets face it, its just super-duper-pretty ... I spied this one a few months ago ... white lace ... and I love it!

Happy dieting if you are on one and happy munching if you are not!


  1. My weight seems to be up and down too, but I have been weighing at different times each time which is probably bad and sometimes more than once a week. But on the same day of each week I seem to have gone down a pound a week so far, even if it goes up during the week... It's a bit strange. :) Not been on the exercise bike as much as I'd planner either, have been busy creating and been too tired a lot of the time. Congratulations on your loss and your 700th post! The tattoo is beautiful too. Xxx

    1. aww, yeah your weight can vary a lot during the day ... I weigh 1st thing in the morning.
      Good luck with keeping going ... its hard to stay motivated isn't it
      Maria x


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