EDINBURGH :: post 1

Well I am here ... here in the most beautiful city ... couldn't blog last night as for some reason I couldn't connect to the internet, but tonight (yey) its worked ... so here is my trip so far ...

... as you can see I dressed for the occasion ... my new pink skirt from work (bought before I knew I was going on this trip may I add ... I am not that sad ... and actually didn't even think about it being tartan till we were on the coach and mum mentioned it to me!)

It was a long journey ... 12 1/2 hours (not all by coach, we went by train to Birmingham and caught the coach there 'cos for some reason that was cheaper than coach the whole way)

Our hotel is lovey ... about 40 mins walk from the centre of the city :)

We decided to head to the castle this morning and see that part of the city. When we were almost at the castle we saw some people filming something and then realised that Craig Ferguson was there ... mum being mum (embarrassing) said something loudly and he turned and looked right at me!

The castle is well worth a visit ... it was a bit windy and rainy up there but as there is mountains on one side and the sea on the other, the views are amazing so it didn't matter.

We stopped for a cuppa tea and scone in the cafe there too, and wrote some postcards.

There is a cannon there that is fired at 1'oclock every day (I knew this before from Taggart! haha) ... we watched the lady get it ready for firing it while we were drinking our tea ... BUT we managed to miss the bang though by being in the weaving mill (see lower down), even though we had been saying 'oh the cannon will be going off in 30 mins ... in 20 mins' etc!! typical ... will have to listen out for it tomorrow ;)

Just below the castle is a Tartan weaving mill ... it not only sell souvenirs and tartan (as many of the shops do) but it also is a working mill and you can see the tartan being woven. (being a weaver myself, this was really lovely to watch and see) They also had some cut-offs for sale for only a few quid so I got some ... think I will make some Christmas decorations with it :)

There are some fabulous names for some of the shops ... 'The Creepy Wee Shop In the Graveyard' is in Greyfriars Churchyard and was sadly closed ... but don't you just love the name! Another one was ' Thistle-do-nicely'

Below the castle is a park ... at the moment it is pretty bare as its March, but there are loads of daffodils planted on hill and it will look so beautiful when they all come out.

There was a little colour though and one tree that was full of blossom.

Now I have to admit, that I did do a bit of shopping ... and I have to say I think I have found my new favourite shop ... NESS ... it is so full of pretty colours and they have the most wonderful tartan shoes ... I treated myself to a new purse and pair of gloves ... my gloves have a hole in the finger that has got so big my finger sticks out the end ... I just love the colours in these new ones and they are so soft too :)

I bought a charm for my bracelet (a highland cow) and a thistle egg cup ... these are things I collect when I travel ... things that don't take up much room, but are a memento of my trip.

I was also pleased to find some pink resin jewellery that matched my skirt perfectly ... I couldn't resist!

We had a couple of lovely jacket potatoes for lunch ... mum had vegetarian haggis in hers ... its basically like nut roast ... I had a fork-full, and have to say it was very yummy!

I have realised that its about 18 years since I was up here last (I used to live in Cumbria, but moved away 17 years ago but have not been back since) I really don't want it to be another 18 years before I make it back again.

... anyway better get to sleep now so I am ready for another fun day tomorrow!


  1. Looks like a lovely place, you got some lovely photos too :)

    1. thanks, I took most of them with my phone, as it was raining quite a bit and its not that easy to carry a camera, handbag and shopping ;)

  2. Wonderful, Maria! Hope the weather is a bit better in Edinburgh for you than its been here in Glasgow! :) Lovely photos, thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your trip! xx


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