me at the mo ... just some rambling

I am cross with myself ... cross that all that hard work of the last few weeks seems wasted ... I am just eating crap and feeling fat ... I must get back on track with my diet ... it doesn't seem to take much for me to lose focus and lose the plot ... I know any of you who have been on a diet will know what I mean ... but its so frustrating ... I need to find 'the thing' that I tell myself to keep me on the straight and narrow ... the thing that I remember to help me say 'no'

I am away from home again this week and I know that doesn't help, but its no excuse for me to just 'not bother' with my diet ... I feel like I need to get my focus back on a few things ... to get back where I am meant to be ... back to me being me ... I know this sounds a bit cryptic ... but I can't really explain until I am there!

I need to go to bed earlier too!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx