I feel like a traitor

I have spent the last few evenings (and well into the night) on another blogging site and I feel dirty.

This week we changed our web space provider and the new one is compatible with Wordpress, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to combine my site and my blog ... Something I have always wanted to do ... So I have been trialling through their designs and personalising them as much as I could ... But none of them are what I want ... I love my website and I love this blog and although I could get it looking half way to how I want, half way is not good enough ... It has felt really frustrating and depressing as I know how I want it to be.

Why am I blogging about this now at 3.16 in the morning when I really should be asleep? Well I have turned off my laptop and am blogging from my phone because I have decided that although I am sure wordpress is great, I love blogger & I love my site as they are and am just feeling so much better now I have decided to stick with what I have :)

Better go to sleep now, goodnight x


  1. I have used a few different sites, but I find blogger is the one I get along with the most. I have no idea how to customise it the way you have, must look in to that as mine is quite boring!

    I use Tumblr as well, but it is so full of 15 year old girls arguing over crap and crying when they lose a follower, that I just can't be bothered with it that much! I only use it for posting photos really.

    1. I did try tumbler for a little while a few years ago, but never really stuck it out.

      Personalising blogger is quite easy once you know how ... just make some graphics and add them to your layout page and then move them about where you want them :) maybe I will do a blog post about it sometime!


  2. I love blogger, it seems much more friendly than the others, and easier to use. Plus some of the other ones don't show up right on my iPad and I do almost everything from the iPad these days so that is important to me. Sticking with what you know is nearly always the best way, though sometimes trying new things is exciting, I've found it more stress than anything else with trying to get it to look right etc. Either way, I am sure wherever you go and whatever you make it will look lovely. :) xxx

    1. aww, thank you Sharon, thats such a lovely thing to say.
      I agree, I have found blogger very friendly too ... fingers crossed I will be blogging from an iPad soon ... although my macbook is still the best laptop/computer I have ever had ... I am looking forward to being able to take it with me when I go away easier than my laptop :)


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