magpie monday :: PRINCESS ELIZABETH

I got up early and went to the car boot yesterday, bought a few CD's that I had as cassettes in the late 80's ... I listened to them and it bought back a flood of memories :)

I also found this really sweet mug from 1937 to commemorate the Coronation of George VI

I'm not going to use it as a mug, just have it as a pot or decoration.

I love the little picture of Princess Elizabeth on the back :)

oh, and it was only £1.00

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  1. what a pretty mug - and very timely in this Jubilee year

  2. Wow, only £1. That does sound like a bargain.

    I too love re-discovering music you used to have on tape. x

    1. :) its amazing how you remember all the words!

  3. EEK LOVE THAT MUG! I bought a seventies royal memorabilia mug last week, not nearly as vintage as this beauty but I still love it.


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