lace in the wood

I have been making lace since I was 13. I taught a friend a few years later, then a few aunties and my mum ... some family friends ... then some other friends ... then I had a class ... I loved it ... I love the sound the bobbins make as they clunk against the pillow ... I love the beads on the spangles ... I love the history ... I love all the different patterns you can make from just two stitches ... I love it all and I miss teaching it ...........
so ....... if you live in Herefordshire and want to learn, please let me know :)


  1. Ooh I would love to learn how to make lace! Looks so clever! xx

  2. It is very clever and with Maria teaching much easier than you would expect. It is wonderful to be able to create something so delicate (and I make jewellery) It is also a very relaxing craft you can sit in front of the tv doing. My family say that watching me is relaxing too. If you can get to Maria's at all (even for a day) it will be well worth the effort and expense. Maria is always helping me online with not just lace making problems but Photoshop too and always explains things clearly enough to follow remotely. The biggest recommendation comes from me with the encouragement to anyone to give it a go :-)

    1. aww thank you for such a lovely comment Teri ... always a pleasure to help ;)
      Maria x


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