magpie monday :: BOBBINS

I am sooooo pleased with this weeks find :)

there was a seller on eBay last week with 4 listings each with 4 antique lace bobbins ... only 99p per listing and she would combine p&p ... I missed the end of the auctions, so when she re-listed them I watched them very diligently! haha

and whoooo ... I managed to get them all ... 16 lace bobbins for £3.96 :)

I had an email on Friday to say they had been posted and that she had added a couple more bobbins that she had in with them ...

I got home from my few days away to a parcel full of bobbins ... FULL ... she hadn't just added a couple more ... she had sent me 16 more ... so I had 32 antique bobbins for £3.96 + a little postage and packing ... antique bobbins usually cost about £6.00 each! I am one happy bunny :)

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  1. wow! that is a great find! well done you! you can give me one as a get well pressie if you like ;-)

    are you going to respangle them?
    think its funny they still have the thread on them! maybe thats why other people didn't bid?


    1. Hi Teri, I am sooo pleased with them :)
      I am keeping half of them and the rest are tagged and ready to sell when I start up my lace lessons again.

      Yes I have taken the spangles off ... I know there is an old folk-bobbin-lore that its bad luck to re-spangle bobbins, but I hardly ever like the spangles that bobbins come with ;)

      A lot of used bobbins I have bought still have thread on them. I don't think it would stop people buying. I think a lot are sold by families after someone has died and they don't realise that the threads are no good once they are cut off the end of the lace. I don't mind them being there ... it shows they have really been used and its not much effort to take the threads off.

      Maria x

  2. I can't make lace but I've always appreciated the beauty of bobbins.

    What a generous seller, bet you're over the moon!

  3. What a great find and such a generous seller.

  4. What a wonderful win and it makes my heart sing to read there are still people selling on Ebay in the spirit of what it was set up for in the first place.

    Enjoy your wonderful finds. xx

  5. Amazing! I hope you have fun with them xx

  6. Wow, such gorgeous items. The town I live in had a thriving lace industry at one time and I loved going to our local museum as a child and looking at all the lace and bobbins, so glad there are artisans like you keeping these traditions alive.

  7. I was in Bruge last week and watched an older lady lacing for several minutes, enthralled. Such an incredible, beautiful skill. Do you do it?
    What a wonderful bargan you have, whthere or not you use them as intended!

  8. Wow, they're beautiful. How lovely that you're keeping this craft alive. And I'm always really interested in folklore and superstition. Is the spangle the beaded part? Great bargain.

  9. Wow that is amazing! 16? Lucky girl! They are beautiful!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

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