a photo an hour for 12 hours

7am :: wooflet had made her self comfortable ;)
8am :: toast & jam.
9am :: catching up on some blog reading and emails.
10am :: I take my Uncle, who is blind out once a week and we decided to go to Hereford by train today ... its quicker than car and more fun ... my handbag was pretty full as I had a few jobs to do, like some post and get a sim card for my iPad.
11am :: enjoying a choc chip cookie with a lovely cup of tea.
 12pm :: changing rooms, trying on a dress ... there were mirrors on 3 of the walls ... not good when getting changed ;) ........ and yes I bought the dress!
 1pm :: waiting for the train home.
2pm :: a lovely welcome home cuddle from dilly-dog.
3pm :: getting some stock together for a shop order.
4pm :: some time in the garden with dilly-dog.
 5pm :: a walk in the park with dilly.
6pm :: enjoying my mollie makes magazine while eating tea.
7pm :: settling down for the evening with some crochet.

It has been a quiet but nice day off and the sunny weather has made it all the more lovely!
(all taken with my iPhone)


  1. I love the patchwork bedding and I like the dress you bought also :)

  2. Such pretty photos! The dress is lovely, looks great on you! Xxx


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